Paramount Developers and Contractors is a leading property management and real estate developer in Hollywood.

Located in the heart of the entertainment industry, we specialize in providing you with the highest quality of service by offering the most competitive prices.

With over fifty years of business experience, our highly trained technicians and support personnel provide an exceptional level of expertise, versatility, and responsiveness. Our staff is here to quickly respond and accommodate all of your office requirements.

Whether you need office space, retail space or specialty office occupancy, we can satisfy all of your leasing and rental requirements.  Our architectural design team is equipped to customize your office environment.  

Our uniquely friendly and inviting atmosphere guarantees an exceptional working experience. Paramount, it’s where YOU want to be.

It's Important to Have a Great Staff to Support a Great Office Space

When renting or leasing office space in Hollywood or Los Angeles, CA, it is important to have all the extra services, such as security guards , contractors, maintenance workers, janitorial workers and other important roles to maintain the safety and the upkeep of a building and the people within the building. All these roles work together hand-in-hand to keep everything working smoothly and efficiently. At Paramount Developers and Contractors, we can help you find just what you need.

A High-Tech Security System with a Security Staff Is Essential

Most office buildings in Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA are installed with high-tech security systems that minimize unauthorized traffic or crime within and around the office building. Many offices hire guards to work day and night to monitor the offices with the assistance of closed-circuit TV monitors that are usually located in common areas and around the building in parking areas. This type of security is essential to the safety of your business and your employees.

Customization Plays a Key Role in Office Rentals

At Paramount Developers and Contractors in Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA, we offer customization of office rentals so you can redesign the room to fit your own preferences. These would include flexible floor plans in executive offices or any other type of office. Customization is the key to a happy tenant. This is why we keep a team of contractors on board. One of our contractors can make the changes necessary to please almost anyone's preference. A full staff with the right tools can really make a difference in the upkeep and safety of the tenants of an office building.